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About Us

Elggo's Methodology


We believe that data can provide valuable insights to improve student outcomes and help educators make informed decisions. By aggregating and analyzing data, we can identify areas where students may need additional support or interventions, track progress over time, and evaluate the effectiveness of our programs and interventions. Our approach includes data reporting specific to each school's preferred framework, including CASEL, ISCA, KHDA, WHO's HPS Framework, and IB Learner Profile Requirements.  Ultimately, we aim to use data to drive continuous improvement and help every student reach their full potential.

Our curriculum adopts an inquiry-based, game-based, and adaptive learning approach that teaches students evidence-based tools, practices, and techniques to support their wellbeing. Our 9-10 hour class-based curriculum is designed to be evidence-based, and we prioritize teaching research-backed strategies to promote school-wide wellbeing.


Nurturing Wellbeing

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