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Elggo's Origin Story

Elggo (previously known as Elgo for schools)  is the brainchild of Luma Makari, who discovered a gap in mental health awareness and education within the school system for underserved communities following her work with Nour International. Building upon her expertise and academic background in psychology with a focus on preventative and global mental health, Luma identified that the real obstacle behind youth's well-being is mainly due to stigma and the lack of resources or tools to address youth well-being- in the education system. 


In 2020, following the Beirut Blast and COVID-19 pandemic, Luma's set out to collaborate with a team of regional and international education and psychology professors, researchers, and clinicians to create the first-of-its-kind evidence-based mental health program for classrooms in the MENA region. The program was first piloted in Lebanon, reaching over 12,000 students in 32 schools. Upon completion of the pilot, there was a 30% increase in students' overall mental well-being (WHO-5 Index) 


Upon the success of the implemented pilot, Luma moved Elggo's operations to UAE and joined forces in 2023 with Mirna Mneimneh, her co-founder. 


Mirna has worked in the Edtech sector for the past five years and is passionate about education, mental health, and leveraging technology to support and equip future generations with life-long tools for navigating their mental health and well-being to nurture inclusive and resilient communities. 

Nurturing Wellbeing

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